Coteachingandcollabx300Coteaching and Collaboration: How and Why Two Heads Are Better Than One

David V. Loertscher and Carol Koechlin, Editors; Teacher Librarian Press, 2015, ISBN: 978-1-61751-032--8

From both a theoretical and research perspective, coteaching is simply the most powerful foundational program element a teacher librarian can have to make a difference in

teaching and learning. This collection of articles from Teacher Librarian bring together the power of coteaching between classroom teachers and teacher librarians. Thus, this collection can serve as a conversational piece of professional development or the basis ofof explaining

and working with a school faculty on this powerful tool and strategy. The collection begins with the eloquent theoretical background of coteaching by Dr. Ross Todd and others,

vollowed by a new and simple building level measure of coteaching impact by David V. Loertscher, Keith Curry Lance, and others who have successfully measure the impact of

coteaching. In another section, various authors outlne exemplary practices used by teacher librarians as they embed themselves in various aspects of learning experiences. Finally, there are a number of articles by teacher librarians reporting and showcasing their success in their

schools and how they went about building their own track records. This essential collection, all in one handy volume is a treasury of the best thinking and practices as teacher librarians build a learning commons program and demonstrate their indispensability.

ebook version ($28.00):

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