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A Painless Guide to Research Using Web 2.0 Tools

21st Century skills documents by various professional organizations have presented a complex challenge to teacher librarians to combine the teaching of inquiry and personal habits, critical and creative thinking. When the authors noted that a collaborative learning thread ran through all the skills documents, Web 2.0 technologies came to mind as a way to teach the research process and meet the areas of 21st century learning at the same time.

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In Command! Kids and Teens Build and Manage Their Own Informaiton Spaces, And...

Most school libraries have a web site or blog that provide a wealth of resources and links to information. However, young people may be saying, “We love you, library, but we love Google more.” This book and accompanying website takes a new approach in the battle to capture the attention and serve student needs: It asks each child and teen to construct their own home page using iGoogle, and construct three sections of their own information space.

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Planning For Good Change With Literacy And Technology

Based on two decades of planning effective uses of new technologies, this book brings you the best of Jamie McKenzie's thinking about launching successful technology programs with a major emphasis upon literacy and integrated learning.

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Wiki Templates for SuperTeaching

The 50+ templates in this collection are collaborative spaces where the Think! Models of Ban Those Bird Units and SuperTeaching can be put into practice on line.

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