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TMCanadaTreasure Mountain Canada
Leading Journeys: Papers of Treasure Mountain Canada Research Retreat, Edmonton, Canada, June 2-3, 2010

Compiled by:Carol Koechlin; Hi Willow Research & Publishing;2010; ISBN: 978-1-933170-61-9

The Treasure Mountain Research Retreat has been held for over 25 yeas in the United States. It is a gathering of researchers and practitioners who share ideas, research, vision, and challenges in the library media field. Now, this is the first retreat to be held in Canada. Some 25 researchers and practitioners from across the country have contributed papers across a number of topics including school libraries and the evolution of the learning commons, the impact of technology, learning liteaacies, collaboration, and a host of other topics. A great source to follow the research, issues, and challenges that sometimes unique to Canada, but applicable to the entire English speaking world.

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