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item3Reinventing Your School's Library in the Age of Technology

Newly revised and updated for 2002, this best selling publication still asks the questions: Is a school library needed? Is any library needed? Isnít it all on the Internet? This new guide is designed to answer these questions and more for the school administrator who is wondering what to do with an amazing array of new technologies added to the school environment. Just 64 pages, each page is designed as a handout that can be used by administrators, a workshop, an interview, a planning session, or for a group of parents. Many pages contain checklists to stimulate thinking and planning. Two threads run through all sections - budget implications and assessment. Numerous graphic models present a concept succinctly for instant understanding. An invaluable tool! David V. Loertscher; Hi Willow Research and Publishing; 2002; ISBN: 0-931510-79-1

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