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item3Increasing Academic Achievement Through the Library Media Center: A Guide for Teachers

If you liked Reinvent your SchoolĂ­s Library, this is the perfect companion piece written directly for the teacher who is seeking to increase "scores" now in its second edition. Using the effective "one idea per page" format, teachers are presented with ideas how to collaborate effectively, what types of library media center activities are likely to produce results, how to promote reading with the library media specialist as a partner, how to enhance learning through technology, and how to promote and partner in the teaching of information literacy. The Second edition contains a number of new pages on a variety of topics and older ideas have been revised. The goal has been to continue to communicate very clearly to a classroom teacher the benefits of working with the library media specialist collaboratively. David V. Loertscher and Douglas Achterman; Hi Willow Research and Publishing; 2003; ISBN 978-0-931510-90-8

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