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Ban Those Bird Units!

Bird Units are fill-in-the-blank library assignments, or reports; the result of which is copying or outright plagiarism. This book provides ways to ban such low-level activities and replace them with exciting learning experiences and link the library and technology into achievement.

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Beyond bird units! Thinking and Understanding in Information-Rich and Technology-Rich Environments

The authors of the popular Ban Those Bird Units have joined their talents once more to provide more ways to create very high-level think units when teachers bring learning activities into the information-rich and technology-rich environment of the library.

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Impact: Documenting the LMC Program for Accountability

A template for Microsoft Excel (PC or Mac, Office '97 or higher required), this amazing computer software tracks the contribution of the LMC program in three essential areas.

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Increasing Academic Achievement Through the Library Media Center: A Guide for Teachers

If you liked Reinvent your School's Library, this is the perfect companion piece written directly for the teacher who is seeking to increase scores now in its second edition.

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Inquiry Learning Through Librarian-Teacher Partnerships

Challenge yourself and. teachers to build learning environments that focus on realistic issues and themes.

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Integrating Differentiated Instruction & Understanding by Design: Connecting Content and Kids

Discover how two of educationís most powerful frameworks can team up to provide your school with a comprehensive and in-depth approach to ensure all students are learning at maximum levels.

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SuperTeaching: 15 THINK! Models for Instructional Improvement

The fifteen models in Super Teaching provide new avenues to make learning experiences exciting, engaging, active, and push high-level thinking.

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Wiki Templates for SuperTeaching

The 50+ templates in this collection are collaborative spaces where the Think! Models of Ban Those Bird Units and SuperTeaching can be put into practice on line.

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Windows into Instructional Collaboration: Information Power in the Real World

Effective collaboration with teachers in the building of exciting learning experiences remains as THE major challenge for school library media sprecialists.

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