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item3Sharing the Evidence: Library Media Center Assessment Tools and Resources

Connie Champlin, David V. Loertscher and Nancy A.S. Miller; Hi Willow Research & Publishing, 2008; Refresh Edition; ISBN 978-1933170-35-0; $28.00

Linking library media programs to achievement continues to be a central element in the justification and systematic improvement of the LMC existence in the school. The authors pull together simple to advanced techniques, instruments, and strategies to measure five program elements of the library media program: reading, collaboration, information literacy, technology, and the administrative function. The book is both in print with an online component that allows easy access to forms and resources on the web. The authors have concentrated on measures of program most likely to demonstrate impact with a minimum of time in the collection and analysis of data. Particularly useful not only in a single school, but across schools in a school district. New measures and updated resources added to this edition.

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