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NewLearningCommons2ndedv1The New Learning Commons Where Learners Win! Reinventing School Libraries and Computer Labs; 2nd Edition

David V. Loertscher, Carol Koechlin and Sandi Zwaan; ISBN: 978-1-933170-67-1; Hi Willow Research and Publsihing; 2011

Originally published in 2008, the first edition of this book proposed a complete rethinking of the school library and computer lab in a 21st century school. After four years, the concepts of the Learning Commons have gained momentum across North America and in Australia. This second edition is rich in the further development of the concept and its implementation and draws upon many schools that have developed their programs and recreated their physical space and turned their library websites into virtual learning commons. For those who purchase the print edition, a Book2Cloud version is accessible. In this collaborative digital work, the many links to resources are live and readers can comment, add material and join with other readers in the discussion beyond what a static ebook version would have been. Every chapter has been totally revised and rethought to include the  latest research in education, technology, and library science. The book also contains a new chapter  concerning the building by students of their own personal learning environment. In this life0changing project, they learn to create their own portal into the world of the Internet, construct a personal learning network, and construct their own portfolio and public face on the Internet. Readers of the first edition will be pleased to encounter many more resources, ideas, experiences from the field, and a host of ideas from educational authorities around the world. And with the Book2Cloud edition, you can join in the conversation with the authors.

ebook version (pdf): $27.00

ibooks version (itunes): $26.99


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