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item3Collection Mapping in the LMC: Building Library Media Center Collections in the Age of Technology

As library media specialists face a new world of interconnection from the home and the classroom, what is the role of the LMC collection? Completely rewritten from the book Computerized Collection Development for School Library Media Centers published in 1986, the author demonstrates collection mapping techniques to position the LMC as an efficient node in a much larger network. Topics covered include: building a technology access chart, drawing the collection map, building a budget and acquisition system, and evaluating the collection. An accompanying computer disk (IBM or Mac) provides various templates for acquisition databases, spreadsheets, and other data collection forms. This book is a valuable tool for those reassessing their collection-building policies in the light of technology and it can also be used as a text for collection building courses aimed at library media specialists in elementary and secondary schools and any institution where the collection must be accountable to curriculum. David Loertscher is a professor of Library & Information Science at San Jose State University and a past president of the American Association of School Librarians. David V. Loertscher; Hi Willow Research and Publishing; 1996; ISBN 0-931510-58-9, 978-0-931510-58-8

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