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item3SuperTeaching: 15 THINK! Models for Instructional Improvement in College Courses, Online Learning

Teaching adults, whether in colleges, school districts, or online often takes the form of textbook/lecture/research paper as the main technique of instruction. Students of this mode are expected to read, listen, and regurgitate what they have outguessed the teacher might want. In the days of the Internet, term papers often become nothing more than exercises in plagiarism. The fifteen models in Super Teaching provide new avenues to make learning experiences exciting, engaging, active, and push high-level thinking. Each follows constructivist ideas of teaching and learning emphasizing collaboration among students to lift everyone from passive learning to the realm of big ideas. Linked with the Wiki Templates for Super Teaching, these 15 models encourage professors and professional developers to link themselves to libraries and make new uses of an information-rich and technology-rich environment where plagiarism is eliminated. David V. Loertscher; Hi Willow Research and Publishing; 2006; ISBN 1-933170-19-0

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