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item3The Digital School Library

Thousands of library media specialists have created web sites and portals to link students 24 hours a day and 7 days a week into a ìsmallerî but very high quality information system. Nine essays written by David Loertscher, Daniel Fuller, Joe Marone, Debra Karpuk, and others highlight major issues and practices that are taking place in this new online environment. What are the dreams and hopes for this information service? What is the state of statewide databases for kids? What happens when every student has a laptop and is connected? How does one catalog such an environment? What are e-lockers? These and many more are considered as experiments continue to help students beyond their tendency to just Google. Daniel W. Fuller, ed.; Hi Willow Research and Publishing; 2004; ISBN 1-933170-09-3, 978-1-933170-09-1

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