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item3Easy Marc: Incorporating Format Integration 5th ed

Now in its 5th edition! If you have an automated cataloging system and do any cataloging using the MARC records, this is the users bible. Arranged like a dictionary, tag by tag, the user can look up any tag and find easy-to-understand explanations of what information to put in the tag and in what form. Piepenburg not only explains the tag, but gives numerous examples that cover 90% of the cases one would face. In addition, references to AACR2 and USMARC Bibliographic rules and rule numbers help the cataloger refer to the authoritative sources quickly to make correct judgments. Built upon Piepenburg\'s earlier volumes ( Easy MARC and More Easy MARC) , this book is a tool for cataloging all forms of media, not just books. It incorporates the latest use of the format integration procedures used by the Library of Congress. Rules and examples have been updated for this edition. Of value particularly for beginners, this book is also a quick source to find examples for the experienced cataloger, particularly the cross references that relate various tags to each other. Scott Piepenburg is a specialist in cataloging and has worked for Follett and the Dallas Public Schools. He gives many seminars on MARC cataloging. Scott Piepenburg; F&W Associates; 2007; ISBN 978-1-933170-31-x

ebook version only (pdf): $33.00

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