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item3New Jersey Power! A Parent's Guide to School Libraries

Whether school librarians are being pink slipped or not, it is always a very wise policy to build understanding of parents about what the school library does and how it does help every child in the school. This booklet, a companion to earlier titles for administrators and teacher, provides one-page messages directed at parents to examine the benefits of the school library and hundreds of tips on how to help build readers, wise technology users, and information literates. With the CD, each page can be duplicated as much as the librarian likes for the parents of a single school. Great for newsletters, parent awareness nights, mailings, workshops, and handouts to give visiting parents. The 53 pages cover the following general topics: An introduction to school libraries and the research done in Iowa, information literacy, technology, reading, and organizational ideas. Individual pages include topics such as: Why a professional school librarian? What information literacy is and how you can help as a parent Plagiarism Internet safety The digital school library Advice on reading to your child Iowa reading awards programs. Books too good to miss for children through teen years What do do when you encounter books that you don't like (censorship) Money matters and the school library No school librarian? What to do. How parent groups can help And wherever possible, a Pennsylvania focus has been added by well-known author, Joyce Kasman Valenza. David V. Loertscher and Joyce Kasman Valenza; Hi Willow Research and Publishing; 2004; ISBN 0-931510-11-2

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