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item3Build Your Own Information Literate School

The book Build Your Own Information Literate School has been well received across the country as a unique book for teaching information literacy. Now these excellent authors have written a more extensive and innovative method of teaching information literacy. While following a general information literacy model, each skill is a two-page spread of wonderful advice on how to teach and assess how well children and teens can practice what they are taught. But this book is very different! The authors present teaching tips for teaching each skill to novices, apprentices, and InfoStars (novice to advanced). Then they give examples from various curricular areas so that the guide can be used across the curriculum and across the grade levels. Their coverage not only covers traditional finding, locating and sorting information, but they tackle analysis and synthesis of information as well. Many useful worksheets provide ideas for teaching. According to David Loertscher this is the very best information literacy book to appear in years and is extremely useful and practical for elementary through high school because of its unique approach. Carol Koechlin and Sandi Zwaan; Hi Willow Research and Publishing; 2003; ISBN 0-931510-89-9, 978-0-931510-89-2

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