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item3Impact: Documenting the LMC Program for Accountability

Newly updated for 2009, works on Excel 2007 (but not Macintosh Office 2008). Also works on older versions of Macintosh Office (2004 or earlier), this amazing computer software tracks the contribution of the LMC program in three essential areas: collaborative planning, information literacy, and links to state standards. By spending five minutes a day recording what units of instruction and teaching you have been doing, this template then transforms what you do into amazing charts, diagrams, and tells both you and administrators where the emphasis of the LMC program lies.

For example, you enter into a template the teacher, the topic, the state standards met, the info literacy skill taught (many items on pull-down menus) and the program takes care of the rest.

Nancyís expertise with Excel goes far beyond what we have ever imagined possible with the Excel spreadsheet. You must have Excel on your computer to use this package. Great for collapsing data across schools to provide a district picture of whatís going on. Takes about an hour of experimentation to get the idea of how to enter the data, but there are practice templates included that demonstrate what this software can do. A great companion to Loertscher/Todd's We Boost Achievement!

Nancy A.S. Miller; Hi Willow Research & Publishing, Updated for 2008; v. 3.0; ISBN 0-931510-96-1

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