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From Library Skills to Information Literacy: A Handbook for the 21st Century

This popular and ground-breaking guide to information literacy and its incorporation into the school and library media center curriculum is now even more valuable as it provides models and strategies for working with regular and English learner students. With the rapid rise of new immigrants in our society, this guide demonstrates how all learners, no matter their background language, can profit from learning and information literacy model and applying it to their everyday life and to their educational quests. The volume begins with a three-dimensional model of information literacy. The next chapter explores the various models of teaching from behaviorist to constructivist and the role of the library media specialist in collaborating with both teaching styles. The role of information literacy in both resource-based teaching and resource-based learning is explored. The balance of the book provides very practical advice for integrating information literacy activities into a broad range of teaching and learning situations. Critical thinking activities, journaling, developing questions, building background, tapping the multiple intelligences are just a few of the ideas covered. A valuable addition are rubrics for the assessment of information literacy and projects containing information literacy components. A remarkable publication and an essential tool! California School Library Association; Hi Willow Research and Publishing; 1997

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