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Understanding In the Library: Papers of the Treasure Mountain Research Retreat #12, Oct. 5-6, 2005 - Gilmary Retreat Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Edited by David V. Loertscher; 2005;
ISBN: 1-933170-16-6; Price: $35.00

Treasure Mountain is an assembly of researchers and practitioners who meet periodically to explore major issues in the School Library Media field. The current proceedings contain numerous research studies and theoretical papers dealing with constructivist learning in information-rich and technology-rich environments.

Making the Grade: The Status of School Library Media Centers in the Sunshine State and How They Contribute to Student Achievement.
Baumbach, Donna J.
Hi Willow Research and Publishing; 2004
ISBN 0-931510-97-X; $30.00

The Florida Study like others done in fifteen states link achievement in schools with a credentialed library media specialist. The study collected a great deal of information about the collections, services, staff, and programs of Florida's K-12 public school library media centers so that many questions can be answered about the status of Florida's LMCs in addition to the achievement link. The study begins with a comprehensive executive summary followed by the full report complete with tables and methodology. The executive summary is valuable for those making presentations to parents, boards of education, and other interested groups. For persons outside Florida, this study adds to the pile of evidence.

We Boost Achievement! Evidence-Based Practice for School Library Media Specialists
David V. Loertscher with Ross J. Todd. Hi Willow Research & Publishing, 2003; ISBN 0-931510-93-7; $35.00

Want to collect the evidence that you boost the achievement in your school with your LMC program? This book provides a multitude of techniques to collect evidence concerning reading, information literacy, collaborative planning, and technology. And like throwing pebbles in a pool causing a ripple effect, these measures not only document what you are doing, but suggest changes in your program to maximize your impact.

The various measures in the book follow what is titled the triangulation of data. That is, if one were to measure impact on reading, data would be collected at the learner level, the teaching unit level, and the organization level. Both direct and indirect measures would be created. Because no thermometer can be stuck in a reader’s mouth to see whether there is a 98 degree “capable and avid reader,” the variety of measures taken approximate the “duck test” (if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck... it must be a duck).

An essential guide in times when achievement is the bottom line!

3rd Edition

Keith Curry Lance and David V. Loertscher
Hi Willow Research & Publishing, 2005;
ISBN 1-933170-14-X; $35.00

Hundreds of school librarians have made presentations about the Lance studies linking school library media programs to achievement. The third edition of this standard work helps presenters even more by updating every presentation to include all 14 of the Lance studies through the Illinois study completed in 2005. Yes, there is still a one minute, a five minute, and a 15 minute presentation complete with PowerPoint slides available on the LMC Source website for download but every one has been updated and re-phrased if needed by the addition of all 14 studies in some 8,000 schools. In addition to the presentations, there are many discussion starters to help school librarians conduct focus groups centering on various aspects of the library media program that boost achievement. This new edition also has doubled the size of the appendixes with many handout connected to the various studies in the book. And finally, there are many studies both listed and described that exist beyond the Lance studies; the Ohio study by Ross Todd being just one example. Any school library media specialist who anticipates making any kind of presentation about the Lance studies or other studies linking library media programs to achievement should have this new edition.

The Impact of Michigan School Librarians on Academic Achievement: Kids Who Have Libraries Succeed
Marcia J. Rodney, Keith Curry Lance and Christine Hamilton-Pennell
Hi Willow Research and Publishing; 2003; ISBN 0-931510-94-5; $30.00

Another state study adds to the evidence that school library media programs contribute to achievement. “Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) reading test scores rise with the extent to which the state’s school library programs are headed by qualified school librarians. The relationship between school libraries and test scores cannot be explained away by other school or community conditions at any school level. This publication contains the entire study complete with statistical evidence and handouts for reproduction.


Keith Curry Lance
Marcia J. Rodney
Christine Hamilton-Pennell
ISBN: ; $30.00

The New Mexico Study joins eight other state studies now reporting on a total of over 3300 schools delivering the same message: school library media centers make a difference in academic achievement. This book contains the official report of the study under the auspices of the New Mexico State Library. According to the executive summary: "New Mexico achievement test scores rise with the development of school library programs. The relationship between school library development and test scores is not explained away by other school or community conditions at the high school level... New Mexico achievement test scores tend to rise with increases in: school librarian and total staff hours per 100 students; print volumes per student; periodical subscriptions, video materials, and software packages per 100 students; and school library expenditures per student. The volume contains several reproducible handouts for a quick summary of the study in addition to the research report. This study is also summarized in the volume: Powering Achievement, 2nd ed. by Keith Lance and David V. Loertscher found in the research section of this web site. While completed in 2002, this book is the first printed publication available for the first time in January, 2003. Royalties from the sale of this publication will be donated to the New Mexico State Library Association.

How School Librarians Help Kids Achieve Standards: The Second Colorado Study

Keith Curry Lance
Marcia J. Rodney
Christine Hamilton-Pennell
Hi Willow Research & Publishing
2000; $30.00
ISBN: 0-931510-76-7

The First Colorado Study: Impact of School Libraries on Academic Achivement was the right study at the right time for many school librarians to begin documenting their contribution to education. Now, that study has been replicated in Colorado to show an even stronger relationship between what libraries contribute to learning. This study now joins others done in Alaska and Pennsylvania to show the connection between library staff, collections, collaborative planning, and information literacy instruction. It documents the entire Colorado II study and includes handouts, excellent reproducable graphics, and all of the methodology and statistical evidence linking school libraries to achievement. A must purchase for any school librarian making reports to administrators, school boards or parent groups.

The Impact of School Library Media Centers on Academic Achievement

Keith Curry Lance, Lynda Welborn, and
Christine Hamilton-Pennell
Hi Willow Research and Publishing
ISBN 0-931510-48-1; 1993; $30.00

How does the school library media center affect academic achievement? Positively-and here's the evidence to prove it! Based on research in more than 200 Colorado public schools in the 1989 school year, this work validates the important role of the school library media center and the school library media specialist. The research shows that where LMCs are better funded, academic achievement is higher and that schools where library media specialists participate in the instructional process tend to produce higher academic achievers. Powerful and affirming, this work will be a vital addition to the professional collection of every school library media specialist. It also includes a suggested 15-minute presentation complete with transparencies that summarizes the study which is designed for library media specialists, administrators, boards, and parents.

Keith Curry Lance is Director, Library Research Service, State Library and Adult Education Office, Colorado Department of Education, Denver, Colorado. Lynda Welborn is a library media specilialist in Colorado, and Christine Hamilton-Pennell is a library consultant in the State Library, Colorado Department of Education, Colorado.

Information Literacy: A Review of the Research

by David V. Loertscher and Blanche Woolls
Hi Willow Research and Publishing
1998; $30.00
ISBN: 0-931510-72-3

The last major review of research on information literacy for school library media specialists was done by Christina Doyle in her 1994 monograph from ERIC titled Information Literacy in an Information Society. Now, the two authors have updated this critical area updating the Doyle work through 1997. Studies published in research journals, research retreats, both in the school library media field and in the larger field of education are included. The volume also includes studies done not only in th U.S. but in Canada, Australia, and in Great Britain. The authors not only review the research but offer numerous suggestions for translating that research into practice as school library media specialists educating young people. Designed for the serious practitioner and the researcher who wants to stay current.


ed. by David V. Loertscher and Blanche Woolls
Hi Willow Research and Publishing
2002; $40.00
ISBN: 0-931510-86-4

The papers of Treasure Mt. research retreats are a rich collection of research and scholarly papers dealing with the
behavior of children and teenagers in a new word of information. Papers are by Violet Harada, David Barr, Eileen Schroeder, Anne Zarinnia, Frances Jacobson, Jennifer Branch, Robert Grover, Jacquline Lakin, Joyce Valeza, Christine Bruce, David Loertscher, and Blanche Woolls. The papers are designed as conversation pieces between scholars and practioners of the field.

Instructional Interventions For Information Use

Papers of the 6th Treasure Mountain Research Retreat
Troutdale, Oregon, March 31-April 1, 1997
ed. by Danierl Callison, Joy McGregor, and Ruth Small
Hi Willow Research and Publishing
1998; $30.00
ISBN: 0-931510-71-5

The Treasure Mountain Research Retreat, an informal gathering of researchers and practitioners in the school library field has become an important interchange between theory and practice and a documentation of advances in research of the field. This collection of the most recent Treasure Mountain contains important papers by some of the most well-known scholars in the field as they unfold their research of the field, their ideas for new research avenues, and their analysis of progress in the whole area of information literacy. Must reading for students entering the field, seasoned professionals wanting to keep up with research, and researchers who are monitoring the progress of the field. The collection contains papers by: Carol Kuhlthau, Mike Eisenberg, Blanche Woolls, Robert Grover, Kathy Latrobe, Linda Friel, Ruth Small, Julie Tallman, Joy McGregor, Margorie Pappas, Ann Tepe, Diane Walster, and David Loertscher among others.



Papers of the Treasure Mountain
Research Retreat, Park City, Utah,
October 17-18, 1989
Edited by Blanche Woolls
Hi Willow Research and Publishing
ISBN 0-931510-30-9; 1990; $35.00

An invaluable resource for any librarian.-School Library Journal. A collection of papers presented by some of the nation's foremost school library practitioners, professors, and researchers, this work is the most thorough overview of the field ever done. Issues covered include the current state and future direction of reading research, the library program and its place in the curriculum, educational computing research, education of school library media specialists, intellectual freedom, networking, and the impact of automation on access to information in schools.

Blanche Woolls is Director of the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University, California, and is a past president of the American Association of School Librarians (ASSAIL).