Building a School Library

Collection Plan

A Beginning Handbook with Internet Assist
David V. Loertscher
Blanche Woolls
with an Internet Assist by Janice Felker


  • A Brief History
  • Nonfiction Resources in the Classroom
  • Recent Trends
  • Building a Strong Collection
  • Evaluating Nonfiction and Reference Materials
  • Specific Types of Reference Materials
  • Evaluating Software
  • Selected Sources for Reviews and Information
  • Awards
  • Treatment in Libraries -- Survey
  • Treatment in Libraries -- Survey Results
  • Links to Related Web Sites
  • Sources of Information & Credits
  • This web site was developed as part of a graduate level independent studyproject. Its intended audience includes students of library and informationscience, teachers and librarians of students in kindergarten through middleschool, and anyone devoted to or interested in the area of nonfiction andreference resources for children. It includes information pertaining to this subject as well as information on other pertinent resources and linksto other valuable sites. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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    Last updated April 5, 2000.